William Sverdlik

“Menotti spent the entire days with us. Actually, he was an incredible guide, very patient and very knowing. July birding in northeast Italy is similar to birding in July in Michigan, that is, it is certainly not the best time to do it.
Still, Menotti was able to find 50+ species for us of which 25 were new European bird for me. A good day of birding!
In corresponding with Menotti, I asked if the following three birds were possible: Hoopoe, Roller, Bee-eater (these three occur on consecutive pages of Jonsson’s Birds of Europe). He replied that Bee-eater and Hoopoe would be fairly easy and that there was only one know pair of nesting rollers in the Po River delta. Sure enough, Menotti found the pair for us (and he made it look easy).
Menotti says that birding is unfortunately not taken very seriously in  Italy and that most birders overlook Italy. Menotti has extensively studied the Po Delta Valley, surely this should count as a major flyway. If you know any birders planning to visit northeast Italy (near Venice), I would recommend him highly.”

Menotti Passarella

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